Los Angeles Driver Pulled From Truck, Beaten to Death After Attempting to Hit Crowd with Vehicle

A Los Angeles man was beaten to death early Saturday morning after he tried to hit a crowd of people standing on a sidewalk with his truck.

40-year-old Melguin Lopes Santos had gotten into an argument inside of a business on Hawthorne Blvd when he was kicked out of the establishment.

Melguin returned in his truck and tried to strike people standing outside on the sidewalk.

Patrons pulled Melguin out of his truck and beat him to death.

No one has been arrested and there are four male suspects at large.

CBS News Los Angeles reported:

Authorities were investigating the death of a man killed in Hawthorne early Saturday morning, who was allegedly pulled from a truck and beaten to death after nearly striking several people on the sidewalk in front of a business.

Hawthorne police received several calls at approximately 12:08 a.m. regarding a vehicle driving on a sidewalk, attempting to strike people who were standing.

The coroner has identified 40-year-old Melguin Lopez Santos of Los Angeles as the deceased driver of the pickup.

Santos had an earlier verbal altercation inside a business in the 14200 block of Hawthorne Boulevard and was asked to leave, but returned driving his truck onto the sidewalk and nearly struck several patrons, sheriff’s officials said.

He ultimately lost control of the truck and hit a tree.

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