Just In: Biden’s DHS CANCELS All Remaining Border Wall Contracts in 2 Overwhelmed Sectors; Calls on Congress to Fund “Smarter” Border Security As Unprecedented Numbers of Illegals Continue Pouring Across Areas With NO WALL

Last year, while Trump was still commander-in-chief, Americans were enjoying the most secure southern border they’d had in their lives. Trump had delivered on his promise to build the wall, which had severely limited the areas where cartels and smugglers could operate freely and made it much harder for people to sneak across without being apprehended.

Although construction was not completely finished (most of it was, the swamp fought at every turn for 4 years to interrupt any progress), the entirety of it was paid in full, and all of the contracts were signed – all that was needed was a little bit more time.

In other words, despite the areas that still needed to be completed, the wall was a resounding success.

But now, Biden’s DHS is ensuring that the wall will not be built, wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer money that was supposed to be spent on building the wall in the process.

On Friday, the DHS announced in a press release that it will be canceling any border barrier contracts that are still in effect in two of the most heavily trafficked sectors on the southern border – The Laredo sector and The Rio Grande Valley Sector – and will reallocate the remaining funds to conduct “environmental planning” in the area.

The DHS will also ask Congress to approve more funding for what they call “smarter” border security measures.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust anything coming from these charlatans as “smarter,” these are the same people who – in just 10 short months – have caused this unprecedented mess after being handed the most secure border in history. If these crooks are given any more taxpayer money to put towards the border, it will just be used to import and pay off more illegal democrat voters.

Biden and these sellouts don’t care one bit about stopping illegal immigrants from flooding the US or protecting Americans, the crisis on the border is all about seizing power for the long run.

They were even willing to spend a whopping $5 million PER DAY to NOT build the wall. 

The severely understaffed US authorities who are struggling with the record-shattering influx of illegal aliens on the southern border could be using all the help they can get right now as they are preparing for another unprecedented month of crossings – but instead, the open-borders Biden administration has undermined them and US immigration law at every turn, while also continuing to encourage unvetted foreign nationals to come in droves by offering up taxpayer-funded incentives and bogus amnesty that shields them from deportation.

The DHS should be demanding that Biden send in the US Military to get a handle on the border crisis, not wasting hundreds of millions of dollars that was already spent on contracts to finish the wall.

Department of Homeland Security… What a JOKE.

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