Joe Biden Holds Pelosi’s Hand, Ignores Reporters After He’s Forced to Scramble to Capitol Hill to Discuss Infrastructure Bill (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was forced to scramble to Capitol Hill Friday afternoon to discuss the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill currently stuck in the House.

The progressives derailed Pelosi’s planned vote because they want to vote on the $1.2 trillion bill at the same time the senate votes on the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

Biden barely works so for him to make a trip up to The Hill on a Friday afternoon to meet with the House Democrat Caucus shows just how desperate he is to make something happen.

Joe Biden shuffled past reporters on Friday and didn’t answer any questions.

Biden hasn’t taken a question since Monday afternoon.


Additional footage of worthless Biden arriving to Capitol Hill alongside Speaker Pelosi:

Biden grabbed Pelosi’s hand like a nursing home patient and assured bystanders the deal would eventually get done.

“We’re going to get this done. It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days, or six weeks. We’re going to get it done,” said Biden.

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