House Budget Committee Chairman Says The Federal Government “Can Afford Anything” (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth is the chairman of the House Budget Committee. During a recent appearance on CNN, he claimed that the federal government can afford anything.

Really? Is this what passes for the truth now?

If the federal government can afford anything, why not just make every American a millionaire?

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

REP. JOHN YARMUTH: The number itself is meaningless. I mean, I read Joe Manchin’s statement, I’ve listened to him, he has no understanding of how the federal government monetary system works when he compared it yesterday to his household income, that has no relevance to what we can do.

It’s not a question of what we can afford. The federal government can afford anything that it feels it needs to do and right now that’s what we ought to be focused on. So that’s kind of the position I took in the budget committee, that’s the position I will take going forward.

The shame is that we have an opposition party, the Republican Party, who doesn’t think the federal government has any obligation to do anything about providing childcare, early childhood education, paid family and medical leave, any of the things that are in the Build Back Better Act.

Here’s the video:

Can you even believe he said this?

How is this guy the chair of the budget committee?

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