CNN Suffers Another Massive Drop In Prime-Time Ratings

CNN’s ratings are still circling the drain.

The far left network has suffered a drop in ratings for months. Specifically, since Trump has left office. They spent four years trying to get him out of office and it turns out he was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Meanwhile, FOX News is still doing very well. Especially Tucker Carlson.

Forbes reports:

CNN Drops 68% In Prime As Fox News Channel Crushes Competition In Q2 Cable News Ratings

Fox News Channel dominated the cable news competition in the second quarter of 2021, winning across all metrics: among total viewers in prime time and daytime, and among viewers 25-54, the demographic group most valued by national advertisers.

FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched show in cable news for the quarter, with a total audience of 2.924 million viewers. Tucker Carlson also finished first in the key demo, with an average audience of 487,000 viewers.

Overall, Fox News had four of the top five most-watched shows in cable news, with Tucker Carlson Tonight in first place among total viewers, followed by Hannity (2.653 million viewers), The Five (2.632 million viewers), MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (2.504 million viewers) and FNC’s The Ingraham Angle (2.071 million viewers).

In the key demo, Tucker Carlson Tonight was first, followed by Hannity (420,000 viewers), The Five (385,000 viewers), The Ingraham Angle (361,000 viewers) and MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (349,000 viewers)…

All of the cable news networks saw ratings declines compared to the second quarter of 2020, with CNN experiencing the biggest year-over-year drop in prime time, down 57%.

Is anyone at CNN embarrassed by their numbers?

At what point does CNN try to change course?

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