“China is Laughing at Us:” Twitter Suspends Rep. Jim Banks and Censors Marjorie Taylor Greene for Pointing Out That “The First-Ever Female 4 Star Admiral,” Rachel Levine, is a Man

This week, Twitter cracked down on two sitting US House Representatives for factually acknowledging that Biden’s assistant health secretary of the HHS – Rachel Levine – was a man for almost 50 years, and shouldn’t be labeled as the “first female anything.”  She lived the majority of his entire life as a man before transitioning in her late 40’s.

Levine was sworn in to her new position earlier this week and was promptly labeled “the first-ever female” four-star admiral to serve in the US government.

Reps Banks (R-IN) and Greene (R-GA) took a stand for women when they sent their tweets, pointing out that attributing the title of the first female anything to Levine would be a hindrance to furthering equal rights for women. Even for old white men, if they meet the qualifications, so the Twitter speech police quickly sprung into action to censor the lawmaker’s statements.

Rep. Greene wrote on Twitter that “A dude who lived the first 50 years of his life as a man isn’t the first female anything” and followed it up by pointing out the fact that, thanks to all of this woke BS, Communist China is laughing at us.

Twitter immediately censored the tweet but allowed it to stay up. Likes, retweets, and comments are no longer allowed on the post and the platform added a banner that reads “This tweet violated the Twitter rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

The Tweet was censored instead of removed because the congress member’s post falls under the platform’s policy regarding public figures, which allows tweets to remain up even if it violates other policies if the account is held by a “current or potential member of a local, state, national, or supra-national governmental or legislative body.”

Apparently, this ‘public figure’ policy only applies to hand-picked cases. As we saw with President Trump when he was still in office. The selective nature of their policy was proven once again this week when Rep. Banks sent out a similar tweet to Greene’s, but instead of being censored, the lawmaker was locked out of his Twitter account and cannot get back in unless he deletes his tweet about Rachel Levine.

Banks’ Tweets simply pointed out that “the title of first female four-star officer goes to a man” and explained that calling Levine such is “an insult to every little girl who dreams of breaking glass ceilings one day.”

Here is the other tweet that he posted:

It’s unclear why Banks had more severe repercussions for posting almost the exact same tweet as Greene.

Libby Emmons, a writer with the Post-Millennial perfectly encapsulated the lunacy of the entire situation in just one paragraph.

“For many, Levine, who spent the majority of her life as a white, biological male, with all of the privileges thereto, is not diverse at all, but more of the same. Levine’s new achievement of “first female” is a hard pill for many to swallow, who are told not to trust their eyes, or science, but to simply believe what they are told by officials who specialize in double-speak.”

This whole “first female” fiasco has solidified the fact that we are officially living in clown world.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is right, Communist China is laughing its way to more power.

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