“Cancelling Works Both Ways:” Dan Bongino Goes OFF; Ends Relationship With Huge Sponsor For Caving to Antifa Boycott – Defends Post Millennial and Gateway Pundit – Video

On Friday, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino took a stand against the unhinged leftist mob and the weak-kneed advertisers who have repeatedly caved to their every whim.

During his show, Bongino announced that he has severed all ties with one of his largest advertisers – SimpliSafe Security – because the company had shamelessly cancelled their advertising with the Post Millennial after two Antifa hacks had sent a couple of tweets.

He also ended his personal subscription with SimpliSafe.

“Cancelling works both ways, and to those companies that would bow down to the left-wing extremist activists who complain on Twitter: If you don’t support free speech – get out.

I’m not interested at all.”

The Post Millennial has been a frequent target of left-wing cancel campaigns, especially ones that are organized by Antifa, partly because their editor-in-chief – Andy Ngo – has been on the forefront of exposing the militant black-bloc group’s actions. The outlet is one of the only to report on Antifa honestly which subjects them to constant defamation online by radical activists.

The outlet, like most other conservative platforms, relies heavily on advertiser funding to be able to create content.

Bongino rightfully understands that these politically-driven boycotts do real damage to smaller outlets and content creators that do not have the institutional backing of a place like Fox News or even his own show. The stand he is making is on behalf of the up-and-comers and the smaller conservative platforms.

But, according to him, it will pay off for those who stand together against the radical mob in the long run.

“Post Millennial may not have the assets I do – or the resources, or the time or the ‘go f*ck yourself attitude’ I have. I’m sure they do — but they don’t have the assets to fight back that I do, which are substantial thanks to people like Nandini.

Now, to be candid, if you don’t have a lot of money and you’re not financially secure, I guess, it can be pretty painful right? They could probably take a few of your sponsors away.

But what they don’t realize is they’ve actually created a parallel economy. These are ‘short term victories’ for leftist extremists, because as they fire little shots at conservative media, they are pushing that media, along with cultural content creators, into a parallel economy where they can’t be cancelled by activist shaming.”

In Bongino’s mind, the companies who fold to the online activist mobs don’t deserve to have any of their products advertised anyway. They are weak and shouldn’t be supported if they shun half of the population for their political beliefs. 

As he also points out, the people who drive these cancelled campaigns are paid political activists who lay around in their mommies basement all day, combing through conservative content to look for something to stir up a bogus ‘nontroversy’ over.

“Here’s a group of leftist nuts – there’s very few of them – again, they’re all basement dwellers, they don’t have a lot of money or lives or anything and they’re not particularly bright.

They’re paid by people like Media Matters and others – and they sit around and they watch conservative content, and they just look for any reason to try to promote a boycott against your show.

That’s legitimately what they do.”

Bongino vowed to not let this end with SimpliSafe. He is completely fed up with the “communist totalitarians” who have gained such a foothold of power in today’s world and will “dedicate” the rest of his life to fighting against their anti-American tyranny.

“If you have weak companies that don’t want to work with people who are politically conservative, please do us a favor, get rid of them for us. You’re doing us a huge public service.

You’re playing with the wrong people. So I’m gonna warn these companies out there to do business with Nandini – just like I cost Warby Parker, the eyeglass company who deals with Nandini, a whole lot of business.
Don’t doubt me folks, my audiences, thousands of times larger than the cat lady’s. This is asymmetric warfare. I am a war of attrition guy, and I don’t stop, ever. I have a really bad temper, a really horrible attitude.

And one thing I genuinely dislike are communist totalitarians. I have amassed enough of a fortune saving over my entire life to dedicate the rest of my life to combating liberal communist buffoons like Nandini Jemima and I Chad whatever his-face-is…

I just want to say the other sites that aren’t jumping in to help out The Gateway Pundit and Post Millennial and others have been attacked by this crazy cat person.   Why are you sitting on the sidelines cashing a check. ‘Oh, I don’t want to upse the sponsor.’  You don’t want to upset the sponsor? and watch the world get flushed  down the drain.  It’s time for everyone to stand up here.  Seriously

Dan Bongino took a massive stand for all conservatives this weekend and deserves to be commended. More influential conservatives should do the same and back the smaller creators and platforms when advertisers inexcusably cave to the left – they don’t deserve our business anyway.

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