Bruce Springsteen Throws His Fans Under the Bus, Agrees with Obama that His White Fans Would Have Called Clarence Clemons the “N-Word” Offstage

Aging establishment rocker and Democratic Party activist Bruce Springsteen agreed with former President Barack Obama’s characterization of Springsteen’s fans as racists who would have called iconic E Street Band saxophone player the late Clarence Clemons the “n-word” offstage even after cheering him onstage in concert.

Springsteen and Clemons in photo used for classic Born to Run album gatefold cover, released in 1975.

Springsteen and Obama made the comments attacking Springsteen fans in a taped interview with CBS Sunday Morning that aired last Sunday to promote their new book, Renegades: Born in the USA, which is based on a series of podcasts the two did together earlier this year.

Interviewer Anthony Mason: “You say in the podcast and the book that in many ways it was the most important story you ever told is you and Clarence on the stage together.”

Springsteen: “Well, It was not intellectual. It was emotional. It was the language of the heart. But it was incredibly visual, you know. And for a long period of time, you know, that was a story we told on stage, you know, which was, like I say, it was more valuable than the stories I wrote in my music, you know.”

Obama: “In an ideal world what Bruce and Clarence portrayed on stage was essentially a reconciliation, right? Redemption.”

Springsteen: “That’s right.”

Obama: “But most of your audiences were primarily white. And they can love Clarence when he’s onstage, but if they ran into him in a bar, suddenly…”

Springsteen: “Oh yeah.”

Obama: “… the n-word comes out.”

Springsteen, nodding in agreement: “Yeah.”

Obama: “And part of Bruce’s music and part of my politics has been, “no, no you gotta surface that stuff, you gotta talk about it.” Sunlight is the disinfectant. (BS: “Yeah.”) And if you talk about it then you can reconcile in a true way. Not in a phony way, but in a real way.”

Short clip posted by Newsmax’s Greg Kelly:

Longer clip with context of Obama and Springsteen talking about the evolving racial make-up of his band over the years.

While Springsteen throwing his fans under the bus as racists has not been widely reported yet, some fans who did see the interview were outraged.

“Hey @springsteen I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I can assure you that if I saw Clarence at a bar or anywhere else I would not call him the N word. Would it kill you to stand up for your fans who have lined your pockets for decades when Obama calls us all racists?”

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