Breaking Update: China Conducted TWO Hypersonic Weapons Tests Over the Summer

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China launched TWO new hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles that circled the entire globe at low-orbit over the summer according to the Financial Times.

Last week the Financial Times reported US Intelligence and US Military officials were left stunned after China launched a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile that could evade the US’s defense systems.

Biden said he was concerned about China’s hypersonic missile after Psaki said the White House welcomed the “stiff competition.”

According to a new report by FT, the first missile test was conducted on July 27 and the second test was conducted on August 13.

“On July 27 the Chinese military launched a rocket that used a “factional orbital bombardment” system to propel a nuclear-capable “hypersonic glide vehicle” around the earth for the first time, according to four people familiar with US intelligence assessments.” – FT reported.

Earlier this year, a satellite image showed China had expanded its nuclear missile silo field.

“Identified via satellite imagery, the new missile base in China’s Xinjiang region may eventually include 110 silos, said the report released Monday by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). It is the second apparent silo field uncovered this month by researchers, adding to 120 silos that appear to be under construction in the neighboring province of Gansu, as detailed by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.” CNN reported in July shortly before the hypersonic nuclear-capable missile was launched.

Meanwhile the woke US Military is busy purging unvaccinated service members, promoting transgenders and focusing on “white rage.”

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