AUDIT UTAH: Patriots Organize Rally For a Full Forensic Audit At Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY AT UTAH CAPITOL!

Patriots in Utah will hold a rally on Wednesday for a full forensic audit of Utah’s 2020 election.

Election integrity is on the agenda at tomorrow’s Utah Judiciary Interim Committee Meeting, and the Patriots want to be heard.

This item was placed on the agenda by House co-chair Karianne Lisonbee and a key speaking slot was given to Utah State Rep. Steve Christiansen.

Although President Trump won and was declared the winner in Utah, many still have doubts in Dominion and the state’s voter rolls, including Utah State Rep. Steve Christiansen.

Salt Lake County, Utah’s largest County, ran their election with Dominion and President Trump received 11 points fewer than Biden.

Rep. Christiansen has been fighting for an election audit in Utah and he is the featured speaker at this rally.

Rep. Christiansen toured the Arizona audit in June and he told TGP that he would like to replicate this process in Utah.

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This rally will take place on October 20, outside of the Capitol in Salt Lake City at 11 a.m., before the Judiciary Interim Committee meeting begins.

The Capitol is at 350 State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Grassroots patriots will then organize inside to testify and give public comments at 12:45 p.m., before the meeting at 1:15 p.m.

sltrib reports,

It’s certainly possible that Wednesday’s committee meeting could lead to a similar subpoena-fueled audit. But here’s a possible roadblock. Interim committees have a House and Senate chair, so there’s not a single person in charge. And Utah code clarifies that any subpoena must include “the name of the legislative body or office on whose behalf the subpoena is issued.” This suggests that any decision to issue a subpoena would be subject to a committee vote.

Because interim committees are made up of both House and Senate members, any vote must get a majority from both bodies, not just the committee as a whole. There are five Senators and 12 Representatives on the committee. A subpoena would require a “yes” vote from three Senators and seven Representatives.

Utah State Representatives Steve Christiansen and Phillip Lyman are the only legislators from Utah that have added their names to Arizona State Representative Wendy Rogers’ Audit 50 States Letter.

Contact your state legislators in Utah and tell them to sign Wendy Rogers’ Audit 50 States Letter and contact the Judiciary Interim Committee to demand an audit in Utah.

This Utah committee can issue subpoenas for the audit as was done in Arizona.

Contact these legislators and demand subpoenas HERE.

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