Winning: Eighteen States Have Passed Election Reform Laws This Year

The election integrity movement is seeing wins in states across the country.

Eighteen states have passed election reform laws so far this year.

According to the far-left Brennan Center, this could be one of the most successful years for election integrity.

Lifezette reported: 

The 18 revised state election laws could be the most such successful bills since 14 states passed election measures 10 years ago, the Brennan Center said, noting: “The United States is on track to far exceed its most recent period of significant voter suppression—2011.”

The laws vary by state and tackle a variety of issues.

Florida’s election integrity bill restricted ballot harvesting which allows campaign operatives to collect large numbers of ballots.

Only immediate family members can now collect ballots.

The Daily Signal reported:

The Florida bill would restrict ballot harvesting, the practice in which campaign operatives collect large numbers of absentee ballots from voters. In 2018, a North Carolina congressional race was voided over a scandal involving ballot harvesting.

The proposed restriction on ballot harvesting would allow a person to collect absentee ballots for immediate family members, but no more than two ballots from those who aren’t family members.

An election integrity law in Arizona banned private money from being used to run elections in the state.

The Daily Signal reported: 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed significant election integrity legislation into law.

“With public confidence in our elections in peril, it’s clear our elections must be pristine and above reproach—and the sole purview of government,” Ducey said Friday in a signing letter.

Arizona’s new law prevents private funding from going into elections, such as the $419 million in donations made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

The Zuckerbergs gave a total of $350 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a left-leaning technology group, that in turn issued grants to 2,500 election offices in 49 states. The spending included $5 million for Arizona, according to preliminary data from the Foundation for Government Accountability, The Daily Signal reported March 23.

Here are the 18 states that passed election integrity laws.

Only two of them have Democrat Governors.














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