(VIDEO) Liz Harris Joins TGP’s Jordan Conradson: What’s Next? – DECERTIFY ARIZONA & CANVASS ALL 50 STATES

On Wednesday morning, Liz Harris, the leader of the citizen-led 2020 election canvass released some bombshell new findings. 

Liz told Steve Bannon’s War Room audience about the canvassing efforts which have been going on since December. She issued two huge statistics on “lost votes” and “ghost votes”.

BREAKING: AZ Candidate For Secretary of State Mark Finchem: “I Call On Arizona To Decertify The Election Of 2020 And Recall The Electors… We Have A Duty To Act” – 96K+ GHOST VOTES

This is a citizen led canvass, seperate from the Senate audit.

1) 34.23% of people who were recorded with no vote said they had voted. Where did these “lost votes” go? 

2) 96,389 votes came out of addresses where the mail-in ballots could not have possibly been cast by the person that the vote was registered to. Where did these “ghost votes” come from?

After this huge release, TGP’s Jordan Conradson contacted Harris to find out what is next for the canvassing efforts.

Liz told Conradson that they found many vacant lots with many registered voters and mail-in ballots cast from the address. This leaves her wondering how the ghost voter even got the mail-in ballot or how they returned it.

Conradson: How did you pick the houses to canvass? What kind of issues gave them a red flag?

Harris: So we did a random sample. That’s how we pretty much started at the beginning, but we made sure that we went to houses like if it were a 1200 square foot home, and there were 10 different last names coming from it, things like that. But more importantly, what we did in the last two months, is we did full precinct audits and partial precinct audits. So what we did was we strategically did one on the west side, one in central Phoenix, and one on the east side. And that’s pretty much, you know, it’s just picked places in different geographic areas, the demographics like we don’t look at race ever. But, moneywise, we went to a more affluent area, a middle of the road area, a less affluent area. So we really, we want to get a, you know, a broad spectrum snapshot of the different registered voters.

Conradson: What is the next step, will you be releasing more with the Senate audit report?

Harris: So our stuff is independent of the Senate report. I hope that Senate President Karen Fann allows us to do some work, officially for the Senate report that would be absolutely amazing. If they read what we have, I think the information, now we’re being conservatively low with our numbers. But I’ll just be honest, even if our numbers are a smidge high, you can’t unsee what we’ve seen. That’s pretty much what I have to say. We know, and we’ve known this since December 3. Or excuse me, we’ve known this since the first week of December when we started the canvassing. So, we’re excited. So what’s next, we’re really hoping that legislation changes so that the mail-in ballot is limited to the military and the disabled. And then the another thing we would like to see is smaller precinct sizes, and what the county is trying to do is increase the precinct sizes to 5000 registered voters, and we’re saying no, we want the precincts to be 1000 registered voters and there’s a couple of reasons I’ll go over quickly. One is we want short lines, because we want to encourage people to vote in person, and then the second one is to hand count the ballots. Instead of paying these machine companies, let’s pay the residents of Arizona. And when you have 1000 registered voters and 70 to 80% turnout, a precinct counting 700 ballots, is very easy and doable. We can have the winners announced by midnight, and then when we wake up the next day, the same person that won on Election Day is the winner the following day. Isn’t that a novel idea?

Conradson: So, how much longer will you be canvassing?

Harris: You know the canvassers asked me that every day, and this is gonna sound a little bold of me. But I think the canvassing efforts need to go on in every state until the states recognize that they need to take corrective action, and in the state of Arizona based on what I’ve seen, I am calling for decertifying.

Conradson: Yes, so is State Rep. Mark Finchem, and State Senator Wendy Rogers, she’s been doing that for a while. Can you tell us about your website Canvass50.com?

Harris: Yes, Canvass50.com was just launched this morning we’re extremely excited. We’ve already had almost 50,000 views, we have tens of thousands of people who have signed up. So if you want a free copy of the Maricopa County findings, go to Canvass50.com, and it’s strategic. We’re just asking you what method did you use to vote, we’re just saying, “Did you vote in person or by mail?”, and then as canvasses start to organize around the country that data will go to the teams, so that they have a head start. And we’ve already had tens of thousands of people since this morning, tell us what methods they use to vote. Your data is not being sold or anything, it’s not nefarious, nobody’s running for office, nobody’s fundraising. All we want to do is let the world know that the canvass is more important than the count and that we need to really figure out Countrywide, what happened November 2020.

Liz Harris is a true patriot and a ferocious fighter for election integrity. Her leadership is sparking a nationwide canvass of the 2020 election and were going to find out what really happened.

Every patriot in every state needs to organize canvassing efforts of their own and encourage others to visit Canvass50.com and participate in this digital canvass.

Liz Harris joins State Rep. and candidate for Arizona Secretary of State Mark Finchem and State Senator Wendy Rogers in calling to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent election.

BREAKING: AZ Candidate For Secretary of State Mark Finchem: “I Call On Arizona To Decertify The Election Of 2020 And Recall The Electors… We Have A Duty To Act” – 96K+ GHOST VOTES

These earth-shattering findings prove that this canvass is extremely effective and every state in the Union needs to duplicate the effort.

This cannot be ignored no matter how hard the fake news works to discredit the data.

Arizona needs to decertify and those accountable need to be locked up!

Where is the Attorney General? He needs to investigate this crime immediately.

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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