UNHINGED: Florida Teacher Has a Meltdown, Berates Students For Supporting Classmate Who Brought In a Trump Flag; “Trump Brings Out Racism in Trashy People” – (Video)


These activist educators are really something else. There are too many who are completely unhinged that should be nowhere near children, let alone teaching them anything.

Even in the great state of Florida.

Another progressive teacher was exposed for having a really bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome in a video that surfaced this week showing her berating her students for supporting a classmate who dared to bring a Trump flag to school.

Presumably, the student in question was given some sort of punishment along the lines of a suspension. He was not present during the teacher’s meltdown, but his peers were championing the slogan ‘free Colton,’ which is what really set the teacher off.

The 40-second clip begins with her furiously asking her students if they wanted to know why ‘Colton’ had brought the flag to school.

No surprise, the reason she gives is that he’s a racist – and apparently, he wants his black peers to know it.

Teacher: “Do you want to know why he brought the Trump flag in?”

Students: “Why?”

Teacher: So I’m going to say this ‘politically correct: “To make a lot of the African-American kids mad, so that was his motive,” She said before shouting, “DO YOU SUPPORT HIM NOW?!”

Student: “So… he’s racist?” 

Teacher: “YES, she exclaims. “and everyone here is supporting him [with this] ‘free Colton'”

What a lunatic.

Even the impressionable students weren’t buying her lies. They knew their classmate was not a hateful bigot, so they pushed back on her meltdown by defending him.

One student defiantly responded, “his best friend is black,” to which she replies: “FAKE NEWS.”

“Trump brings out racism in trashy people,” she added. 

After she made the unbelievably ridiculous claim, another student hilariously told the teacher to “get outta here” because she was “another Biden supporter.” – Ahh, it’s heartwarming to see that there IS hope for the next generation.

This ‘teacher’ does not deserve to be paid by the taxpayer to indoctrinate her students. She needs to be immediately investigated and disciplined appropriately for her hateful garbage.

Watch the full shocking clip here:



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