South Florida Doctor Says She Won’t Treat Unvaccinated Patients (VIDEO)

Florida – A South Miami doctor said she will not treat patients in-person who have not received the Covid vaccine.

Dr. Linda Marraccini told NBC Miami that unvaccinated people are not allowed into her office because they pose a risk to her immuno-compromised patients.

“I understand that people are free to choose, but to me, it’s a problem when it affects other people,” Dr. Linda Marraccini said.

The doctor sent a letter to all of her patients notifying them they are no longer serving unvaccinated patients in-person.

“When it comes to the safety of others, when it comes to the fact that it’s a global health problem and community health problem, at this point, I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me,” Marraccini said.

Marraccini says she is not violating her Hippocratic Oath and insists her decision is not political, rather it is based on “science.”

According to CDC Director Walensky, vaccinated people still spread Covid, so there’s that.

“There’s been millions of deaths globally so that’s not something to ignore. People are getting to the point where everybody knows somebody that died from COVID,” said Marraccini. “This is a problem that really everyone needs to help out with and it’s affecting our collective communal health.”


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