Sheriff Clarke Slams “Fascist” Lyft After Company Fired Driver For Listening To His Radio Show

Yesterday, GP reporter Alicia Powe reported that a Lyft driver was terminated from utilizing the ride-sharing service simply because a rider complained that he was listening to “racist talk radio show”, according to a release from iHeart Media.

What “racist” show was so offensive that someone would be deprived of their main source of income during these uncertain economic times?

The Milwaukee-based “Mark Belling Later Afternoon” show on WISN, where former African-American Sheriff David Clarke was filling in with for Mark Belling.

Clarke, a notable America First advocate and prominent supporter of President Trump was discussing the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter as it relates to deadly black-on-black crime and the disproportionate murder of African-American babies via abortion annually in the United States.

Lyft Permanently Suspends Driver For Listening to ‘Racist’ Sheriff David Clarke On Radio

While sitting in Alexander’s car from 6:28 pm to 6:34 pm, the passenger listened to Clarke’s assessment of Black Lives Matter and concluded her driver is an enemy that must be silenced.

“If Black lives mattered, if this Marxist movement truly cared about Black life, they would be every single day protesting in front of abortion clinics all across America that kill more Black babies than any other demographic,” Clarke argued during the broadcast. “That is a fact. In 2014 in New York City, more Black babies were aborted than were born for heaven’s sakes, so don’t tell me that Black lives matter. When 83 percent of the homicide victims are Black and 83 percent of the perpetrators are Black, don’t tell me that Black lives matter because they didn’t get the memo apparently.”

As Clarke railed against the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter, the passenger called the former sheriff  “trash,” “slammed the door to my car when she got out, and specifically referenced abortion which Clarke did talk about briefly while she was in the car,” Ryan explained in an email to WISN host Dan O’Donnell.

Alexander continued driving for Lyft following the passenger’s xenophobic outburst, until Friday evening when he discovered Lyft suspended his account.

The Lyft driver, who had been earning a living for Lyft for more than a decade and completed over 11,000 trips, attempted to appeal the decision and get insight from Lyft but the company didn’t budge.

Alexander maintains nothing Clarke said was racist in nature against pushed back against the allegations asserted by the Lyft representative.

“I told him that it was simply untrue, I was listening to a local news talk station and the host said nothing that was remotely racist. Immediately after this, maybe two minutes into the conversation, I was given the final decision that my account would be permanently deactivated,” he continued. “As I tried to get clarification on why it quickly became obvious that that decision had been made prior to talking to me and that the phone call was simply a formality. I made repeated attempts over probably the next 10 minutes to get some explanation on how Lyft arrived at this decision but was simply told that the customer service rep, Sebastian, would not engage in any discussion or debate and that the decision was final.

Fellow WISN radio host Chris O’Connell discussed the ban on his program, rightfully stating that any racist content is already banned due to FCC guidelines. He also tried to get feedback from Lyft but ultimately has only received a pre-packaged automatic response.

Speaking exclusively to this Gateway Pundit reporter on Thursday afternoon, nearly a week after the long-term Lyft driver was banned from the platform and left without a way to earn a living, Clarke slammed Lyft as a “fascist” company.

“Listening to me hosting a talk radio show is now a fireable offense if you drive for Lyft ride service? Seriously? My God. The officials running that fascist ride service at Lyft have officially lost their minds,” Clarke concluded. 

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, where private companies who receive sweetheart tax breaks from the authoritarian state are now acting as a Ministry of Propaganda that can determine what is “wrong-think” and can strip you of your livelihood on-demand.


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