Nicki Minaj to Democratic Party In Livestream: “I’m Not One Of Those People That Ya’ll Are Gonna Be Able to Do This With”

Nicki Minaj claps back against the Democratic Party, who have allegedly reached out to Minaj in order to talk about Vaccine skepticism.

Minaj, who has been at it all week, first hilariously calling Joy Reid “Uncle Tomania”, now is getting bothered by the White House for an “educational” call on COVID vaccines.

Minaj called out how the left-wing media and the Democrats have attacked her “personally” when you don’t follow the Democratic party narrative exactly. Here is what she said on her livestream:


With the frank discussion of her worries about being vaccinated on Wednesday, Nicki Minaj continues to upset the establishment.

It all started with the actress lashing out at Joy Reid for publicly humiliating her for wanting to do her own research. The fact that she had a child at home meant that she was unable to attend the Met Gala party due to the vaccination restrictions that were in place for admission.

It has now reached a critical stage. Even when Biden administration official Anthony Fauci tried his hand at reprimanding her, she refused to back down.

After a heated debate with the media over vaccination requirements, Trinidadian artist and worldwide superstar Nicki Minaj has sided with Tucker Carlson’s comments on Fox News.

When Minaj posted the tweet, she merely includes an emoji of a dart hitting the bullseye of a target.

Here’s what Carlson had to say: “Even though he’s fine, it’s Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles who are swollen from taking the vax. That’s the claim. But it’s not anything to do with the physical effect of the vaccine that makes our political class mad, it’s the last part of Nicki Minaj’s tweet that enrages them. The part where she says “you should pray on it, make the decision yourself like a free human being and don’t be bullied.” So our media and public health officials didn’t like this because they make their livings bullying people. So they couldn’t let it stand!”

The incident itself seems to have soured Ms. Minaj’s opinion of the so-called mainstream media outlets that have covered her. Minaj also claimed that she was locked out of her Twitter account for the tweet.

The responses to Minaj’s tweet, on the other hand, are full of fear, as if she is endorsing everything that Tucker Carlson stands for.

“you know he’s a white nationalist right?” said Hasan Piker Young Turks contributor who was fired for saying “America deserved 9/11.” In other news, Piker’s a champagne socialist who just bought a multi-million dollar house.

Minaj responded that she will not put “marbles” up her ass for the Democratic Party.

Other white liberals were chastising Nicki for agreeing with Tucker. Who pretty much only agreed with her right to make her own choices.

“Oh Nicki, you think Fox News on the right side of this? I used to respect your talent and hustle, but peddling vaccine misinformation “just asking questions” is something I can’t forgive. Take the L sis and move on.”

“Nicki. This is exploitation. You’re better than this.”

Minaj responded to all their hate with a single tweet.

“You know how many US Presidents were white supremacists? Oh please. Just stay on topic. Y’all can’t do that. The topic is: asking questions is OK. but let’s make the topic: Nicki talks to white racists so that you can all sleep better tonight. Dummies”


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