Hundreds Turn Out at Camp Pendleton for Candlelight Memorial for Lost Marines – And More Rumblings of a Countdown Before Bombing

The US military knew there was going to be an attack at the Kabul Airport during the evacuation.

On Wednesday, August 25th the US State Department issued a warning to US nationals to avoid traveling to Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. The US told those waiting outside to leave immediately.

On Thursday, August 26th a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport killing 13 Americans:  11 US Marines, a Navy Hospitalman, and an Army Staff Sgt.


Following the attack, one Marine wrote a text message to The Raid Team.  The Marine who was on the scene disclosed that there was a countdown before the suicide bomber detonated himself.

The Taliban allowed the bomber to get through the perimeter.  The Marines did not allow the bomber to get through the inside perimeter.  He was outside the gate when he detonated his explosive vest by the crowded Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport.

According to our source, there were also reports of Marines who saw the Taliban laughing after the deadly blast.

On Friday we spoke with Caz, the CEO of The Raid Team Co. Caz told us he was a member of the 2nd Bn 1st Marines for over 8 years. The current unit was comprised of young men. Caz agreed to speak to us more on Sunday following the vigil for the men and women this weekend at Camp Pendleton. Caz is also very interested in helping those who suffer mental health issues especially those coming back home from war.

Caz spoke to us Sunday on the memorial for the lost young heroes from 2nd Battalion 1st Marines.  over 500 Marines and family members attended the ceremony at Camp Pendleton on Saturday.

On Sunday we spoke with Caz from Raid Team Co. and he told us at least five Marines told him about the countdown at the Kabul Airport before the deadly bombing.  And there was no drawback of the troops.  Caz told us more will come out when in the coming weeks.

Here is our Sunday night interview with Caz from Raid Team Co.

And here is our earlier report—-

We took screengrabs from the Instagram account in case the account is flagged, censored or deleted by the far left tech giants.

There was a countdown.  From a Marine at the scene:

“Yeah… it happened an hour after the last radio transmission about it.  They said 10 minutes an IED is set to go off.  2 minutes an IED is set to go off.  At 1627 an IED is going to go off. Then at 1730 something finally went off.”

The Marine confirmed that the countdown was real, adding:

“The S Vest (suicide vest) countdown is no lie.  I head occasional radio chatter of them saying how far away the bomber was.  Absolute incompetence.  We had a Carl G and literally had to steal rounds because we were not given them…”

He also said they were not given proper equipment or ammunition for protection.

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