In Your Face: Maskless Joe Biden Pals Around With Maskless Union Members on Labor Day

Joe Biden and his entire administration entourage all wore masks at Dover Air Force Base two Sundays ago for the outdoors dignified transfer ceremony of eleven of the thirteen service members killed in the August 26 terror attack at Kabul airport–even though everyone there was vaccinated against COVID and a stiff breeze was blowing making the chance of transmission almost nil. But this was a nationally televised event, therefore COVID theater for the COVID theater administration.

Flash forward a week to yesterday when a maskless Joe Biden spent time on Labor Day palling around with a group of maskless, mostly white male union members in Wilmington, Delaware he delivered lunch to for a photo-op.

Pool video posted by the AP shows Biden in close quarters with the union men, hugging, high fiving, shaking hands, posing for photos shoulder to shoulder, holding and speaking into the cellphone of a union member. No social distancing, no hand sanitizer in sight. The only people seen wearing masks were Biden’s Secret Service detail. (Screen images below.)

Biden was back to the COVID theater Tuesday morning, wearing a mask as he walked out of the White House, dropping it below his chin to speak to reporters, then putting the mask back on as he walked alone across the South Lawn to Marine One.

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