Dems Elect Convicted Murderer Who Is Still In Jail

Joel Caston was elected to serve on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in DC.

Caston received 35-years-to life for committing murder at the age of 18. He was also a drug dealer at the time.

Caston is currently still in jail but he is up for parole in December.

Conservative Brief reported: 

Voters in Washington, D.C., chose a convicted murderer who is still serving time in prison to serve on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Joel Caston, who was elected commissioner for 7F07 in Ward 7, told the Washington Informer that things were “going well” and he has a new appreciation for elected officials.

“Working a few weeks as a commissioner makes me realize the hard work elected officials perform. It makes me respect public officials even more. As an elected official, you are navigating moving pieces. Plus, you are constantly meeting with your constituents and colleagues,” he said.

Caston has been behind bars since 1994 for first-degree murder; he received a 35-years-to-life sentence in 1996, but he’s up for parole in December.

This comes thanks to liberal voting laws in Washington, D.C.

Prisoners are now allowed to cast ballots from jail.

Caston got 47 votes from his fellow inmates.

100percentfedup reported:

Thanks to the liberals in Washington DC who passed a law allowing prisoners to vote in elections, Carson won his election in a landslide, picking up 47 of the 48 votes he received from fellow prisoners.

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