Biden Shuffles Away, Ignores Reporters After Claiming His $3.5 Trillion “Infrastructure” Bill Would End Inflation and Extreme Weather (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on the crappy economy under his presidency.

Biden admitted life sucks under his presidency because of inflation, rising gas prices and unconstitutional Covid mandates.

Biden shuffled away from the lectern after absurdly claiming his $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill would end inflation.

Joe Biden also claimed his infrastructure bill, which has nothing to do with infrastructure, will also end extreme weather.

“My Republican friends talk a lot about inflation but if you want to talk about actually lowering the cost of living for people in this country, my plan does just that,” said Biden. “Here’s something else my plan does: It confronts the crisis of extreme weather events that we’re seeing all around us and around the world…”


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