Shameless: Psaki Repeatedly Defends Taliban Despite Them Controlling Checkpoints That Allowed Bomber to Reach Airport Gates; Says Cooperation With the Terrorist Group Still “Necessary” – Video

Jen Psaki followed up feeble Ol’-Joe’s barely-coherent press conference about the horrific suicide bombing in Kabul that killed at least 13 US military members by fielding questions from reporters.

It was rough out of the gate, even for the professional shill.

Reporters hammered her with questions about the Taliban’s responsibility in allowing the attack, because they currently are in control of multiple checkpoints that would have allowed the bomber through on his way to the front gates of the airport.

She unbelievably denied any wrongdoing on their behalf and repeatedly defended the terrorist organization – proving once again, with this fraudulent administration, that America comes LAST.

Fox News’ Peter Doocey got more specific when he followed up on another reporter’s question and also asked how the US could, “even possibly be thinking about,” continuing to trust the Taliban during the evacuation.

Psaki predictably doubled down, saying there is “no other way” and tried to tout Biden’s efforts in Afghanistan as successful, once again pointing to how many people have been evacuated – The ONLY talking point these America-hating imbeciles can come up with.

She refuses to do anything to jeopardize the legitimacy of the new terrorist regime while repeatedly claiming that we do not trust the Taliban, despite the fact that the Biden regime provided the Taliban with a kill list.

Joe Biden on “Kill List” Given to Taliban: ‘There May Have Been a List of American Names Given to the Taliban’ (VIDEO)

They are not only coordinating with the Taliban but they are letting the Taliban call the shots.

Obama 2.0, we have an enormous amount of economic leverage. That is all we have. They have Americans.

UK and Russia Tipped Off US on Kabul Attacks After Biden Trusted Taliban for ALL SECURITY — Terrorists Already Demanding Ransom for Stranded Americans


If trump or his spox were up there today, they would be slamming their fists and promising the fallen US military members would be avenged.



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