Sacramento High School Teacher CAUGHT on UNDERCOVER VIDEO Bragging About Indoctrinating Students to Become ANTIFA “Revolutionaries;” Views American Children as “Martyrs for a Cause” – (Video)

A high school teacher in Sacramento California has been caught bragging about indoctrinating his students with communist propaganda so they can become “revolutionaries” who are willing to commit their lives to ANTIFA’s anti-American ideology.

Gabriel Gipe, the AP government teacher at Inderkum High School, was exposed by Project Veritas in another one of their brilliant undercover operations. One of their reporters met with Gipe at a restaurant where he happily boasted about his radical beliefs and his membership within the local Sacramento chapter of Antifa.

“You need to retrain the way people think. Consistently focusing on education and a change of cultural propaganda, it’s like we have to hit both fronts. We have to convince people that this [Socialism] is what we actually need.”

Gipe explains how students in his class are offered extra credit for going out and participating with the black-bloc mob as they terrorize the community. He teaches them that activism is “so much more than sending a tweet” and pressures them to get “involved.”

This radical psychopath believes that his whole job as an educator is to train his students to be violent activists. Gipe says that he tries to indoctrinate them with as much as possible by “scaring the f-ck outta them,” because he only gets 180 days to “turn them into revolutionaries.”

“There is a reason why Generation Z, these kids, are becoming further and further left. I’m probably as far left as you can go.”

He prominently displays communist propaganda around his classroom and brainwashes his students with “extreme ideology” because – as he puts it – “extreme times breed extreme ideologies.”

He even has a photo of Mao – the Chinese dictator responsible for millions of deaths – prominently displayed in his classroom. 

One student had complained about the Antifa flag being displayed in the classroom, saying it made him “uncomfortable.” Gipe told the teenager he must be a fascist because the flag is “meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable.” 

Inexplicably, this seems to be the norm for educators at woke Inderkum High School. According to Gipe, in his department alone, there are 3 other teachers who completed the same credential program  and are “definitely on the same page.” 

The whole shocking video can be seen here:

More and more teachers are being caught indoctrinating their students with this evil marxist ideology – The public school system is no longer a place of education, it has become an incubator that trains children to become social(ist) activists.

Home-schooling looks better each day.

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