Police Fire Rubber Bullets and Pepper-Spray Into Large Crowd of Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Melbourne (VIDEO)

Police fired rubber bullets and pepper-spray into a large crowd of anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne this weekend.

Freedom rallies erupted across Australia this weekend amid a new round of authoritarian Covid lockdowns.

Australia is using its military to enforce Covid lockdown mandates.

Police used tear gas and pepper-spray to punish Freedom Day protesters.

Rebel News reported:

Around 20,000 gathered to peacefully protest in Brisbane and has taken a route twice as long as the Freedom Rally in July.

Beginning at the Botanical Gardens, protesters walked alongside Parliament House and then down into the retail heart of Brisbane, flooding Queen Street Mall.

Police closed the main streets and allowed the protest to move along unimpeded. They maintained communication with protesters and their organisers throughout with no incidents of violence reported.


Maskless Aussies marched in Melbourne.

VIDEO (language warning):

A child marching with protesters was pepper-sprayed: