Monsters: Citing Tyrannical Covid Restrictions, Australian Government Officials Shoot and Kill Rescue Dogs That Were Set to Be Picked Up By Animal Shelter

In a truly sick display of authority, Australian government officials in New South Wales decided to murder several impounded dogs because of the country’s tyrannical Covid restrictions, despite them being scheduled to be picked up by an animal shelter.

The helpless dogs weren’t ‘put down’ in the traditional and more humane way, instead, they were shot and killed to ensure lockdown measures couldn’t be violated by volunteers who were coming to pick them up.

Rural Outback Respite/Rescue was all set to take in the dogs, one of which had recently had a litter of puppies. They had even made accommodations to comply with Covid measures despite there being no recent cases in their area.

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with a local government spokesperson about the horrifying incident, and provided some additional details:

Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government.

“OLG has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” a spokesman from the government agency said.

The spokesman said the agency was examining the circumstances of the incident to find out whether companion animal and cruelty prevention laws had been broken.

A source who is familiar with the arrangement said the shelter volunteers are distressed and had COVID-safe measures in place to handle the dogs, one of which was a new mother.

The incident rightfully caught the attention of citizens and animal rights groups in the area. Lisa Ryan, a campaign manager for “Animal Liberation” called for an immediate investigation.

“We are deeply distressed and completely appalled by this callous dog shooting and we totally reject council’s unacceptable justifications that this killing was apparently undertaken as part of a COVID- safe plan,” Ms. Ryan said to Sydney Morning Herald.

Unfortunately, these sickos might never be held accountable. They have gotten away with it before and now they have Soviet-style Covid restrictions as justification.

The Office of Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock has faced questioning multiple times about the shooting of animals as euthanization, but it’s been stated in previous hearings that officials weren’t required to tell the government how they were killing impounded animals.

You can draw alot of parallels between the Covid-nazis down under and the one we have over in the US.

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Australians are completely fed up with the freedom-crushing emergency powers they have been subject to. Thousands have been standing up and marching in solidarity against these dictators that are locking them in their homes.

As if it wasn’t far enough already, their government is now needlessly killing man’s best friend out of pure cruelty, and using BS Covid theatrics to do it.

These people are psychopaths.


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