Louisiana Teacher Who Went Viral Exposing Online Teaching Tool, Takes Legal Action Against School Board

Jonathan Koeppel who was a Spanish teacher known for exposing an online teaching tool for children called “BrainPOP” that pushes leftist ideologies like ‘Critical Race Theory,’ has been officially terminated after two hearings with his principal and Assistant Superintendent.

After exposing the online teaching tool, Koeppel stayed involved with his fight to continue standing up for freedom and doing what is right.

Koeppel was teaching in the St. Tammany Parish Public Schools system and after going viral, he spoke at senate hearings, educational review committees and school board meetings to stand up against critical race theory, transgender educational materials and other important matters with public education.


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“Over the summer of 2021 I traveled the United States and was able to encourage other young people (I’m 26 by the way) to be brave and take a stand for freedom and what is right. I was also able to work with Marco Rubio’s office to help identify U.S. citizens that were stranded in Cuba during the July pro-freedom protests on the island.,” Koeppel wrote in his fundraising post.

“When I returned to work at the end of summer break, I was immediately kicked off campus and told I had a hearing to attend and that it was about my job,” Koeppel explained.

On August 3, 2021, Koeppel was sent home on his 1st day at work and ‘the mask police singled me out from every single person’ he wrote in a post explaining what happened to him.


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Koeppel explained how he was given a mask exemption before the school year because of issues with his nose that appeared from a boxing match as a teenager.

“I made it clear on social media that I would not be wearing a mask to work when the Louisiana Governor issues his new mask mandate; reason #1 is because I am exempt according to the governor’s mandate, reason #2 is that I was given an exemption from my employer. Louisiana had a mask mandate that was to go into full effect on Wednesday, August 4th. On August 3rd, Louisiana was under a voluntary mask mandate,” Koeppel wrote.

At first, I was being disciplined because of my refusal to wear a mask. THEN I was later notified that my employer was very upset with my public involvement in the community. They referenced my social media platforms and said that I am unprofessional and am not allowed to speak openly on matters other than for general discussion. However – the local teacher’s union told me that I do have a right to free speech, and that is protected,” Koeppel added.

Koeppel also explained that on his official termination letter that it does not give a reason as to why he was fired.

The former Louisiana teacher is continuing his fight and will be taking legal action against his former employer and is needing help to help with upfront and future legal costs as well as living expenses because he doesn’t have a primary source of income. Click here if you’d like to help Koeppel fight against the school board!


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