DESPICABLE: Leftist Vice News Labels Marines Neo-Nazis As Marines Brutally Murdered In Afghanistan – Navy SEAL Vet. Rep. Dan Crenshaw: “We Lost 11 Marines Today You F***** A**holes.”

Deleted Tweet From VICE

Yesterday morning, far left Vice News published an article attacking armed service members, titled “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?”.

That same morning, three suicide bombings outside of the Kabul airport killing 13 American military members. TGP reported that twelve or more of them were Marines.

Biden Spars with Peter Doocy, BLAMES TRUMP When Asked if He Bears Responsibility for Death of 12 US Servicemen (VIDEO)

Yesterday morning, the Gateway Pundit reported on the first explosion and the horrific scene endured by the victims in Kabul.

Biden Spars with Peter Doocy, BLAMES TRUMP When Asked if He Bears Responsibility for Death of 12 US Servicemen (VIDEO)

@VICE deleted the tweet but @VICENews did not.

Ben Makuch, the author of this attack on our military, also shared his own tweet about our “far-right extremist” military service members.

Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Navy SEAL veteran who fought alongside Marines and lost his eye in an IED explosion, called them on their crap.

Meanwhile at VICE this is the crap they are posting. This is how liberals think.

We lost 11 Marines today you f***** a**holes.

This number has since increased.

The awful writer links all veterans to domestic extremism then singles in on the United States Marine Corps citing this statistic.

Over the past four years, at least seven former Marines have openly avowed or been identified with neo-Nazism or the extreme right, with some allegedly involved in planned terrorist acts.

Seven people over four years. Are you serious?

Additionally, Malcolm Nance, a left-wing MSNBC intelligence analyst, minimized the suicide bombing which reportedly killed 13 US service members.  He told his nearly one million Twitter followers to “deal with it.”

MSNBC Host Tweets “#DealWithIt” After 4 US Marines Are Killed in Kabul Blasts, Plays Race Card When Faced With Backlash

President Trump and American Patriots know the sacrifices our veterans have made. Some of us will never understand the pain of these sacrifices, but we know what you did and we know why you did it, and we are forever grateful.

Joe Biden on “Kill List” Given to Taliban: ‘There May Have Been a List of American Names Given to the Taliban’ (VIDEO)

All of our hearts and prayers are with all veterans and civilians who were victims of this attack, as well as their family members.

The leftist media holds nothing but contempt for the brave patriots who have sacrificed everything so that they could exercise the right to even publish this crap.

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