About Damn Time: Texas Supreme Court Rules Runaway Dems CAN be ARRESTED, Overturns Restraining Order

The absurd saga that saw over 50 elected officials abandon their duties in an effort to subvert the democratic process seems to finally be coming to an end.

On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court overturned the flimsy restraining order that was granted to the vacationing dems and ruled that the House of Representatives has the authority to arrest and “physically compel the attendance of absent members.”

The decision marks a huge win for the republican-led legislature as they will now be able to pass crucial voter integrity measures that have only been made more important since the start of this delay, thanks to Biden’s ever-worsening open border nightmare.

Republican Justice Jimmy Blacklock delivered the court’s opinion on their ruling, explaining that it wasn’t about it being a “good idea for the Texas House of Representatives to arrest absent members” or if the voting bill their actions are meant to block is “desirable,” but rather it’s about if the House has the authority to make them come back.

Which he and the Court concluded, “It does.”

The house is has been unable to vote on legislation since July because they lack the required two-thirds of members that are required to be present for a quorum to take place – But now, with the restraining order out of the way and armed with confirmation by the State’s highest court, republicans should finally be able to pass the long-awaited election integrity bills that have been obstructed by this pathetic stunt for months. 

The Texas lawmaker’s actions are part of the broader effort by radical democrats to control the outcome of future elections through legislation and cheating. They were happily supported throughout their vacation by Biden’s open-border regime who had worked hard to import over a million illegal voters into the state and could not afford their efforts to go to waste.

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When the carpetbaggers arrived in Washington, they were immediately embraced by the swamp, who helped them fundraise and used their institutional power to help block the voter integrity measures from passing. The DOJ even began getting involved on their behalf once Texas Governor Greg Abbott had tried to use his legal authority to bring them back.

The restraining order was just one of many shameful delay tactics that were used to prolong their efforts to subvert the legislative process. Democrats, with the help of the DOJ, filed frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit, even claiming to be a “protected class” whose “civil liberties were being infringed upon because of the mostly white group’s “race” in one of the court filings. 

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It looks as if these sellouts might finally be held accountable – or at the very least, be forced to show up so laws that are necessary to protect the sanctity of elections can be passed.

It’s about damn time. 

Either way and more importantly, Texas voters need to remember each and every one of these scumbags when it matters most, in the next election and vote them out.


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