Completely Unnecessary: 4 Newborns Die After Being DENIED Life-Saving Heart Surgery Because It Was Unavailable; Could Not Be Transferred to Another Facility Due to Australia’s Draconian Covid Travel Restrictions – (Video)

A shocking report by 9News Australia has uncovered the recent and unnecessary deaths of 4 newborns, who were left to die after being denied access to life-saving surgery, because of the country’s unbelievably restrictive COVID lockdowns.

The newborns were being ‘cared’ for at a hospital in the Australian city of Adelaide. Unfortunately, the heart surgery that they needed was “not available” at the facility.

The procedure would have been available to them elsewhere – which would have likely saved their lives – but health officials refused to allow them to be transferred to another location, leading to their needless deaths. 

Here is the video from 9News Australia:

Wait just a second.. What happened to the constant propaganda that has been shouted at us by the righteous savants in the media for over a year? I thought these mandates were worth it if we could save just one life.. What about these 4 innocent lives that had just barely started and are now dead, as a direct result of these soviet-style lockdowns.

These infants aren’t the only helpless souls that have lost their lives due to tyrannical public health officials down-under.

These sickos shot and killed several rescued dogs that were set to be picked up by a shelter, just so nobody violated lockdowns when coming to pick them up.

Pro-Life Activist Daleiden Says Dr. Fauci Owns Every Bit of Horrific Pittsburgh Study where Scientists are Growing Aborted Baby Hair on Lab Rats

Innocent babies and cute little puppies are being killed at a horrific rate down there. Not to even mention how the Australian military is actively forcing people to stay in their homes or their commissioning of Vax-entration camps that are being built.

These people are crazed psychopaths. 

Vax-entration Camps? Australian Government Builds “Mandatory Quarantine Facilities”, Officials Say Jab Is “Golden Ticket to Freedom”

Were lockdowns worth it, for all of this?

Well too bad, its almost pandemic season 2021 and they ain’t doing anything but doubling down.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a long way off.

More people need to wake up – and QUICK – before this sort of hitlerian garbage comes to the US.


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