Boris Epshteyn: “I Hear JAKE CORMAN Is The One Holding It Up” – ALL Eyes On PA Senate President Jake Corman

After State Senator Doug Marstiano requested three counties to comply with a full forensic audit, Pennsylvania counties Tioga and Philadephia declined to participate in the Senate’s forensic election audit. 

Senator Mastriano gave the Counties until July 31st to comply.  The Gateway Pundit reported that Doug Mastriano will ask the Pennsylvania Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee he chairs to issue subpoenas and compel counties to cooperate.

UPDATE: Senator Doug Mastriano Says PA Senate Committee Will Issue Subpoenas After Three Counties Reject Forensic Audit Request

It appears that Senate Pennsylvania President Jake Corman, who previously showed support for an audit and legislative subpoenas, is holding the subpoena process behind.

UPDATE: PA State Senator Doug Mastriano Initiates Full Forensic Audit – Says He Has the Votes on Committee for Subpoenas to Audit Several Pennsylvania Counties –VIDEO

Borris Epshteyn Told Steve Bannon’s War Room:

Jake Corman in Pennsylvania, we know that you want a political future. We know that you want a future in the Republican Party. If that is something you have any hint of an interest in, drop those subpoenas immediately. Because if you do not, go look for a job. It can be at a restaurant, it can be at a law firm, it could be at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, wherever you want go look for a job out of politics because you are DONE. Senator Doug Mastriano has done the right thing, he issued those letters out of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee in the Pennsylvania State Senate, and now Philadelphia, York, and Tioga Counties did not comply and it’s time for subpoenas and from everything I hear, Corman is the one holding it up. He is the Pennsylvania State Senate President Pro Tempore. He is holding it up. Jake Corman, Senator Corman do the right thing, issue the subpoenas, let’s conduct the forensic investigation in Philidelphia County, York County, Tioga County, and other Counties in Pennsylvania, and let’s get to the bottom of what happened in 2020 in Pennsylvania and beyond.

We will not be stopped or stomped by the RINO Republicans who are actually worse, worse than the Democrats, Mainstream Media, and Big Tech.

Last night, @AuditWarRoom shared Jake Corman’s contact info with a caption that said,

We need this to go viral on every social media platform! Please post everywhere so Jake Corman knows that Americans all across the country are watching him.

Call: 717-787-1377
Email: [email protected]

Contact Jake Corman NOW to save Pennsylvania’s audit.

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