AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Speaks At ASU Mask Protest: “When I’m Governor I Will Pardon Every Patriot Who Stood Up Against This Tyranny” – Tells ASU President To SHOVE IT

On Friday, Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake spoke at the Free ASU Rally against mandated mask wear.

Arizona State University has mandated masks for all students to get around the law prohibiting them from targeting the unvaccinated.


About half of the state has already been fully vaccinated as of July 12.

Patriots rallied in serious heat and humidity after the storm, to fight for their rights on campus.

Kari Lake took the stage in front of hundreds of protesters on campus stomping on her mask in the process.

Lake: Who is sick and tired of this crap? This crowd would be three or four times, but they shut down the parking garage. They don’t want us joining, they don’t want other people to see how big this movement is. And you know what? It’s day 515 of slow the spread. Can you believe it, remember slow the spread? We’re on day 515 of These BASTARDS trying to destroy our lives.

Who’s sick of it?

I am. You know what, just, just as Austin said, if you want to wear a mask or two or three go for it, but they cannot ruin our lives. They can’t put little ones like this in masks while they go to school anymore. We know they don’t work. We know they don’t work, it’s nonsense. And last I heard Michael Crow does not own this university, he is not king, we pay his salary. And the Deans sitting over there in their yellow shirts trying to tell us to be quiet because we’re outside of the library and school hasn’t even started, they’re trying to take away our freedom of speech. They’ve been doing that for a long time. We’re gonna continue to speak out on this, and it’s gonna take you. I see a lot of young faces I even see some parents out there, we have to step up.

They’re actively taking it away from us right now, so it’s gonna require us. These young faces here, think about our forefathers think about our great grandfathers who fought in World War Two. They put everything on the line, they walked away from great lives to go and fight for our freedom. And we need to fight for our freedom here, and it’s gonna take you guys showing up at class without a mask on. It’s going to take you walking through the campus without a mask on and if they sneer at you, who cares, right? It’s worth fighting for our freedom, and we’re not going to let these cronies Michael Crow, and the ASU administration, and their lobbyists take that away from us. We are counting on you, our young people to fight back against this. And we’re going to be there with you, fighting with you because I don’t want my kids having to wear a mask when they go to school, you should be able to look at your classmates communicate with them, forge new friendships with people, and not have to have a mask on your face. They’ve already taken so much from you. How many of you are freshmen or sophomores here? Okay, you had your prom taken away, you have the chance to ask somebody out taken away because you sat there in class with a mask on and you couldn’t even look anybody in the eye. We’ve got to give these guys their freedom back and they have to fight for it as well. And I’m here to tell you, rack up tickets. if they ticket you for disobeying Michael Crow’s mask mandate, say” fine, give me a ticket”. I don’t care if they give you ticket, after ticket, if they arrest you, on day one when I’m governor I will pardon every Patriot who stood up against this tyranny.

We love this country and we are not about to let these bureaucrats, these people in the Dean’s office, Michael Crow and his cronies, take away our freedom, we’re not going to do it. So I encourage you to enjoy college as it should be enjoyed. Go out and rush, you know, go into a sorority or fraternity. Take the mask off meet people kiss the girl. Do what you have to do to enjoy college. They’ve taken too much away from you, and we are here to support you. Take the mask and tell Michael Crow to SHOVE IT.

Kari Lake vows to end these stupid mask mandates and even pardon all of the patriots who stood up to mask tyranny when she is governor.

She has also vowed to finish Arizona’s border wall as Governor.

Discovered: Migrant Safe House in Scottsdale, Arizona! – ICE and Gov. Agents provide 24/7 security and catering to Illegal Immigrants

Michael Crow is the President of Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in the Country. She clearly has no interest in appeasing the ruling class.

Kari Lake is a patriot.

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