AMAZING MOMENT: Republican NYC Mayoral Candidate Embraces Homeless Man Who Interrupted His Press Conference

This week, New York Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa (R) was holding a campaign event at Penn Station.

While speaking, he was interrupted by a shirtless homeless man.

It could have been a flashpoint, but watch what happened: 

Sliwa talked to the man and the man broke down into tears.

Sliwa then embraced him.

The New York Post reported:

“This area has been Dante’s Inferno going back to the lockdown and the pandemic,” Sliwa said.

“There are men and women who have been living in the bowels of Penn Station and the outskirts for years,” he said. “They set up shop. They have couches, they have chairs, they have tables. As it’s their own personal co-op.”

At one point, Sliwa, a Republican running against Democrat Eric Adams in November’s election, was interrupted by a shirtless homeless man — and the candidate quickly cited him as an example of the dilemma plaguing Midtown.

“I’ve seen this guy here for years, predating the pandemic and the lockdown,” Sliwa said, embracing the man. “He’s homeless and emotionally disturbed persons have a ZIP code. It’s Penn Station and nothing is being done.”

Asked how he ended up living at Penn Station, the man answered, “I got lost in the wilderness,” and at one point broke down into tears.

Twitter erupted with support for Sliwa.

Sliwa is also the founder of the Guardian Angels.

The Guardian Angels is a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime prevention.

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