Congressman Paul Gosar: “Retract That False And Defamatory Label ASS HAT” – AZ Fake News “Beta Male” Brahm Resnik Faces Lawsuits After Labeling Gosar “White Nationalist”

“White Nationalist Jan. 6 Insurrectionist”

On Friday, one of Arizona’s activist reporters sent a slanderous tweet that names Congressman Paul Gosar a “white nationalist” and accuses Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake of supporting white nationalism.

He is now in hot water, facing potential lawsuits and calls for his firing.

Brahm claims to be an unbiased reporter.

Kari Lake is shattering records with signatures to get on the ballot, so she is helping fellow patriots who will fight for the people.

Lake shared a video on Twitter and Brahm Resnik responded with defamatory accusations.

Kari Lake: To my fellow Patriots in Arizona, we are so lucky to have @RepGosar fighting for us in Washington DC.

Re-election time is upon us & Congressman Gosar needs signatures to get on the ballot—let’s help him do that!

Visit this link & sign nowRightwards arrow

Braham Resnik: Republican candidate for Arizona governor reaffirms support for white nationalist congressman with ties to 1/6 instigators. #AZGOV #AZ04

Paul Gosar threatened Braham with a lawsuit if he does not retract this lie immediately. He hasn’t.

Kari Lake also chimed in on “Beta Male” Brahm calling for his removal from the network. As a former professional Phoenix news anchor, Lake knows exactly what agenda these people are pushing.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers can’t even comprehend what is going on in this idiot’s head.

AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward also wants him fired.

Columnated Ruins, Arizona’s undercover informant, pointed out Brahm’s history of deflecting his beliefs on Republicans. Braham calls almost everybody that he disagrees with Nazis or white supremacists/nationalists.

He once accused the AZGOP of reusing a Nazi motto — Ein volk. Ein Reigh. Ein Fuhrer. — in an image that they posted. Why did this come to mind when he saw the photo?

Brahm is a huge Democratic donor as well.

Does Congressman Gosar look like a white nationalist?

The radical left is only using race as a political tool.

Braham Resnik is going to court!


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