WWIII? CCP Threatens to Nuke Japan in “Full Scale” War if They Intervene in Taiwan; “There Will Be No Peace Talks” – VIDEO

In an ominous new video that was circulated by the Communist Party of China, they vow to use nuclear bombs on Japan “continuously until it’s unconditional surrender” in an all out war if they decide to intervene in China’s planned re-taking of Taiwan.  

“When we ‘liberate’ Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force – even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane or one ship – we will not only return fire but also wage full-scale war against Japan itself.”

The extreme rhetoric being pushed by the CCP demonstrates their lack of respect for the new administration that followed Trump. They are making these threats despite Japan being considered one of America’s closest allies. If they were attacked by Beijing it would be the United State’s obligation to step in to defend them.

In the video, the narrator acknowledges that “the international situation has changed dramatically” and explains that China is undergoing a “major change not seen in a century” as they roll video of nuclear warheads being launched.

The rising tensions between China, Taiwan, and Japan are a direct result of weak America-last foreign policy and the commitment to ‘wokeism’ by Biden and the Marxist-dems pulling his puppet strings.

His clear lack of cognitive ability doesn’t help when it comes to communist thugs like Xi either.



“We are warning Japan and informing the world that if Japan interferes militarily in our domestic affairs, including the unification of Taiwan by the mainland, nuclear weapons will surely be used against Japan and will be used continuously until its unconditional surrender. There will be no peace talks in the meantime.” 

The Narrator continues:

“All political policies, tactics, and strategies must be adjusted and changed in the midst of such major change(s) in order to protect the ‘peaceful’ rise of our country. If Japan goes to war with China again they will take revenge on the old and new scores. Japan is the only country in the world to have been hit with atomic bombs. Nuclear deterrence against Japan will get twice the result with half the effort.”

“Singling out Japan as an exemption to our commitment not to use or be the first to use nuclear weapons in the world, Japan is an exemption.”

The threats to Japan are highly concerning and are a complete reversal of China’s stance towards them in the past. A CCP official doubled down and told Japan to change its “mentality” when it comes to getting involved with their takeover Taiwan.

Chinese leaders had previously promised to not use the warheads on “non-nuclear” nations like Japan, but have been recently emboldened by chaos in the west and the Covid hoax and are accelerating their plan to control the world through their belt and road initiative.

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The Communists in China are getting extremely bold and more aggressive in their actions aimed at gaining more power to overthrow the US as the predominant superpower that is leading the world. They have even displayed recent shows of force towards US Military vessels in the south China sea, forcing one to get chased out of the area. 

The retreat came just days after a scathing report was released by Congress that blasted the Navy’s preparedness, training, and leadership, saying they have been too focused on indoctrinating their soldiers with woke propaganda.

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God help us all if they start firing off nukes because China-Joe had to make a few bucks for his corrupt family.

This wouldn’t be and wasn’t happening under Trump, who stood up like a true patriot to the evil oppressive CCP. 



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