Pregnant Man Emojis Released In Draft List By Emojipedia May Be Approved

Emojipedia’s latest emoji draft list, published Thursday, includes a pregnant man emoji, which may be approved in September 2021.

Because there is already a pregnant lady emoji, the additional emojis would include a “pregnant man” and “pregnant person.” The new emojis “recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people,” according to the Emojipedia blog. A figure wearing a crown, which Emojipedia defines as “a gender-inclusive alternative to the existing emojis for princess and prince,” is another potential add.

The pregnant man and pregnant person emojis were included to emoji 14.0 drafts in 2021, and if accepted, they may start appearing on devices in mid-2022.

When the possible new emoji was announced on Twitter on Wednesday, people criticised it.

Emily Zanotti, the Daily Wire’s Editorial Director, commented, “I’m really over this pregnant man bullshit.”

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire stated, “I tried to warn you people about emojis and you wouldn’t listen.”

“The Left believes a gun emoji is far too dangerous but 12 options for pregnant men must be included. Remember this when they claim to be moderate!” said Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks.

With each new release, the Unicode Consortium has tried to create more “inclusive” emojis. They debuted a gender-neutral Santa and a trans flag emoji in 2020. Gender-neutral couples holding hands, mixed-race couples, seeing-eye dogs, wheelchairs, and deaf and blind people were among the new emojis introduced in 2019.

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