NYC Election Officials Allegedly Held “Illegal” Secret Election Meeting Over Botched Vote Count

New York City’s Democrat mayoral primary continues to spiral out of control.

According to the New York Post, New York City election officials held a secret meeting to discuss the botched vote count in the Democrat mayoral primary.

The meeting was allegedly illegal.

The New York Post reported:

Red-faced city election officials held an apparently illegal, secret meeting Wednesday to discuss the botched vote count that threw the Democratic mayoral primary into chaos, The Post has learned.

Board of Elections President Fred Umane said the board was briefed by staffers about the colossal screw-up that led to 135,000 fake ballots from a test run of the BOE’s computer system mistakenly being included in preliminary results released Tuesday afternoon.

Umane, a Manhattan Republican, said that the test ballots came from one borough but that “the error was made in the general office.”

“We’re still trying to do the investigation. The problem has been rectified,” he said.

There was no notice given to the public which stopped the ability for members of the public to attend.

According to state law, all meetings of public bodies “should be open to the general public.”

There also must be notice of the meeting given.

Meetings can go private but only after it is voted on in a public setting.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the botched vote count:

This is what happens when corrupt Democrats run elections. The power-hungry jackals eventually turn on each other and it becomes a complete cluster.
First, it was the Iowa Democrat caucuses, then the New York state primary, and now it’s the 2021 mayoral race in New York City.

But they want us to believe the 2020 election was safe and secure?

The New York City Board of Elections admitted on Tuesday that they left 135,000 test ballots on their machines prior to the election. These votes were included in the election night results.

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