NEW: Egyptian Man Charged in Boston Rabbi Stabbing Overstayed Visa, Is Here Illegally

Guest post by Julian Conradson

On Saturday, Fox News first reported that the Egyptian man who was arrested for stabbing a Boston-area rabbi had overstayed his student visa and was in the United States illegally, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Khaled Awad approached Shlomo Noginski as he was leaving The Shaloh House Jewish Day School on Thursday. He ran up to the rabbi, a father of 12, and demanded his car keys at gunpoint which sent Noginski running across the street into a park. That is where Awad caught up to him and repeatedly stabbed him in the arm .

Following his arrest, ICE issued an order of detainer to receive custody of Awad once his criminal proceedings are completed. He is currently being held without bail with his first hearing scheduled for July 8th.

Prosecutors are weighing whether or not to charge him with a hate crime. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has launched an investigation to determine if the Egyptian citizen acted out of anti-semitism.

The attack comes after a former roommate of Awad’s, who is also Jewish, had to file a restraining order after being physically assaulted in their kitchen last fall. A former friend of the Egyptian citizen also explained to CBS Boston how the 24-year-old has a past of being “violent” and “anti-Semitic.”

“He started becoming violent. He was very much anti-Semitic. He would often say like all types of Jewish jokes. I thought he was joking at first and then I started to see the seriousness in his comments.” – Eric Vailente, former friend, to CBS Boston.

With flagrant anti-jewish rhetoric being consistently promoted by prominent democrats, its no wonder we are seeing these types of crimes skyrocket over the past year.

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