Minnesota Woman and Christian Missionary has Legs Amputated After Taking Pfizer Jab – May Also Lose Her Hands — GoFundMe Account Set up

Christian missionary Jummai Nache with her legs amputated after Pfizer COVID-19 jab.

A Minnesota woman and Christian missionary lost her legs after taking the Pfizer vaccine.

Jummai Nache came down with COVID days after taking the Pfizer vaccine. She lost her legs after contracting the disease. She may also lose both hands.

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The IBTimes reported:

A Minnesota woman had the most horrific experience of her life after both her legs had to be amputated after contracting COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.

Jummai Nache, a Nigerian healthcare worker in Minneapolis, received the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on February 1 but still contracted COVID-19 a few days later.

Her condition soon deteriorated and she had to be hospitalized, with her legs now amputated. What’s worse is that she will soon have both her hands amputated as well. Nache’s family is now clueless and is trying to find out answers if the Pfizer vaccine is the reason behind her medical condition.

Nache, who works as a medical assistant, was taken to hospital by her husband Philip a few days after she received her Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as she had developed some reactions and was having severe chest pain. A day later, she tested positive for COVID-19, and her condition quickly deteriorated and she had to be hospitalized, according to a Daily Mail report.

So much so that her legs started swelling and rotting and eventually had to be amputated. The family is now clueless about what to do as her hands too will now require amputation.

“Jummai and I were shocked when we received the result that she was Covid-19 positive because she had not manifested any symptom before taking the shot,” Philip wrote in a letter attached to a GoFundMe for the couple.

** Click here to donate to the Jummai Nache GoFundMe page.

Here is more from the GoFundMe account set up for Jummai.

Philip Nache, Jummai’s husband wrote this on their GoFundMe page.

As a result of the above complications, the Infectious Disease Dr decided to forward the case to CDC. According to the Dr, after going back and forth with the CDC, they decided to meet to deliberate with many experts around the country in which about 70-80 doctors met on a virtual call to discuss Jummai’s case. About 8 weeks after the meeting the CDC sent us a letter of their conclusions which stated that Jummai was infected with MIS-A and covid-19, but they cannot conclude whether the covid-19 vaccine contributed for now. Since Jummai’s blood specimen which was taken at the onset of this nightmare is saved in the lab, we pray for God’s provision of a separate body of experts who could study Jummai’s very unique case to draw other conclusions. As the CDC related, Jummai’s case is very unique. Since my request to be in that meeting was not granted, I submitted the following questions for the CDC experts’ response:

1. When her symptoms started, I was with her, eating and sleeping together, but I tested negative and did not have any symptoms. Why am I not positive?

2. If she got the vaccine before the virus or got them at the same time, did the clashing of the covid-19 and the vaccine cause such adverse reactions? Why didn’t the CDC or Pfizer let us know? Or why wouldn’t they ask everyone to be tested for covid-19 first, before taking the vaccine?

3. If the vaccine is meant to defeat the virus, either by destroying it or weakening its effect, why the adverse severe damage? If the vaccine did not work to defeat the virus, what role was the vaccine playing in Jummai’s body?

On one occasion, the doctor called and told me that Jummai could die at any moment, but God preserved my wife’s life in a miraculous way in response to all the prayers of the church.

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