Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts “Communist Democrat Party” at City Hall Rally After Anaheim City Officials Cancel Her Indoor Event with Matt Gaetz

For the 3rd time this month, a venue in California canceled plans to host an America First rally put on by Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

The event was scheduled to be held on Saturday, but it was abruptly called off that morning.

The city of Anaheim, in a gross violation of their authority, reached out to the venue and successfully shut down the event. They cited ‘security concerns’ as the bogus reason for suppressing the freedom of speech of two sitting members of Congress. 

SoCal: America First Rally in Anaheim Cancelled, ‘We Have a Duty to Call Out Speech That Doesn’t Reflect Our City and Its Values’

Gaetz and Greene did not let that stop them. Within hours, they put together a ‘protest against communism’ that was held in front of Riverside City Hall that hundreds of patriots attended.

Even in California, 2 Republican members of Congress can draw a bigger crowd in a couple hours notice than the guy who supposedly got 81 million votes. 


At the event, MTG blasted the “Communist Democrat Party” for their intimidation tactics and suppression of patriots across the country.

Their message to the neo-Marxists was loud and clear: You can’t cancel us, “America First will not back down.”


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