Large Crowd Protests at White House Over Crackdowns in Cuba After Biden Blames Covid, Downplays Communism; Thousands Also Gather in Miami

Americans continue to take to the streets in support of the Cuban people’s fight against their oppressive Communist dictators. 

On Saturday, demonstrators gathered at the White House and in downtown Miami to stand with people in Cuba as they fight for their freedom amidst a brutal crackdown. They held signs that supported freedom for Cuba and sent a clear message: this isn’t about Covid.

Protesters converged in front of the White House, some covered in fake blood to symbolize the beaten Cubans, and demanded that Biden provide help to the people fighting for freedom in the island nation. 

While Biden and his regime blame COVID and downplay Cuba’s oppressive government, over 400 Cuban citizens have been identified as missing or dead since the unrest started just a few days ago. 

Cuban authorities and roving citizen-gangs of Communist sympathizers are kidnapping, beating, and murdering protesters. They also cut off internet access to most of the island, leaving the rest of the world somewhat blind to their horrific actions. 

It’s no wonder why thousands also gathered in Miami on Saturday to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people. The crowd in South Beach was the largest of many this week that took place in Florida.

The US demonstrations coincided with a state-sponsored rally in Cuba. Thousands of loyalists, joined by Raul Castro, came together to condemn the US and reaffirm the Communist revolution.

American citizens are risking their lives and heading to the conflict-ridden island with their own boats to bring protesters food, medicine, and water. WHERE’S BIDEN?

Large Group Of Florida Boat Owners Head To Cuba To Bring Food, Medicine And Water


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