The Goons are Loose: Biden’s Jab Patrol Spotted Going Door to Door; Now Offering Shots on the Spot (Video)

Well that didn’t take long. 

Just days after it was announced, Biden’s soviet-style intimidation program is in full swing. Video that was released on Wednesday shows vaccine agents peddling the experimental jab in the neighborhood streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Health department workers joined the vax-peddlers so they could harass and vaccinate residents right at their front door. They aim to “eliminate any excuse” that people may have for making their own decision about their health. 

They ensured that you can’t just send them away by ‘saying’ you would get vaccinated, if you turn down a jab at the door you will surely make their ‘list.’


Unsuspecting citizens who are confronted with a needle and pressured at their homes are 5x more likely to get vaccinated according to recent pilot programs conducted in High Point, North Carolina.

Vaxtivists were also caught ignoring a do not disturb sign in Los Angeles California. When an annoyed resident called them out on it, they tried leaving without identifying themselves before being forced to mutter who they were as they slunk away.

Unfortunately for them, the training script didn’t cover what to do in case of “do not disturb” signs.


Everyone should take a page out of her book. This is America, not soviet Russia. GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT.

WCNC-TV interviewed some of the volunteers who went door to door. They were all eager to do what they were told by their Marxist overlords, one of them explained it is their “whole job” to keep up the covid hoax narrative.

“It’s not confrontational. It’s not like ‘you’ve got to get the shot,’ but our whole is job to dispel those types of misinfo.. rumors and things.”

Just one question – Do you feel more or less free in Biden’s America? 


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