“Extraordinary Courage” – Kamala Harris Applauds Texas Democrats For Fleeing State to Paralyze Chamber, Stop GOP From Passing Voting Laws (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris on Monday applauded the Texas Democrat lawmakers fleeing the state to paralyze the chamber and block Republicans from passing voting laws.

At least 58 Democrat members of the state House of Representatives will flee Texas and head to Washington DC to block Republicans from advancing new voting laws through a special session of the legislature.

Under the Texas Constitution, the lawmakers risk arrest by fleeing town during a special legislative session.

The new bills, House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 1 will add new ID requirements for mail-in voting and ban some early voting – floor votes on both bill were expected to take place this week, but Democrats are fleeing in private jets to block the measures.

Kamala Harris praised the Communists for obstructing a special session of the legislature by fleeing in private jets.

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” Harris said on Monday.

Someone should tell Kamala Harris that Texans have expressed their voice through their vote and have elected a GOP-majority legislature with a GOP governor.


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