Attorney Erick Kaardal Points Out Shocking Increase Of “Indefinitely Confined” Voters in 2020 Election in Wisconsin – With Joe Hoft and Patty McMurray (VIDEO)

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The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft and 100% Fed Up’s Patty McMurray talked with Attorney Erick Kaardal a Thomas More Society lawyer around the legal work relating to people who meet the definition of being an “indefinitely confined” voter in Wisconsin.

According to the Wisconsin Election Commission a Memorandum from March 29, 2020 reads:

“Due to the continuing spread of COVID-19, staff of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) has received numerous inquiries regarding the application of the indefinitely confined designation for absentee voters under Wisconsin Statutes. At its meeting of March 27, 2020, the Commission discussed this issue and adopted the following guidance related to the use of indefinitely confined status to assist local election officials working with absentee voters:”

“1. Designation of indefinitely confined status is for each individual voter to make based upon their current circumstance. It does not require permanent or total inability to travel outside of the residence. The designation is appropriate for electors who are indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness or infirmity or are disabled for an indefinite period.”

“2. Indefinitely confined status shall not be used by electors simply as a means to avoid the photo ID requirement without regard to whether they are indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, infirmity or disability.”

“These individuals don’t have to show an ID when they sign up, all they have to do is say apparently that they’re indefinitely confined and then they’re able to get a ballot and they have basically to vote,” Joe Hoft shared.

On the indefinitely confined, we did actually dig into that. And we had a phone bank call people who are indefinitely confined. And we found a lot of people were not indefinitely confined on that list. And we, for exactly the percentages. But a significant number of those people that we contacted via social media, not by phone calls, but social media, I recall seeing photos, photographs of people active, out and about. Some were at George Floyd rallies, others were wearing “I voted” buttons. There’s one case in Wisconsin where an election judge had voted indefinitely confined,” Attorney Kaardal revealed.

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“[Dems] are set out to win and the ends justify the means, and so we have to realize that’s where they’re at and they’re not there just on election integrity. They’re there on public land use issues. They’re there on universities. There are all sorts of things. And so they’re in every little area, they figure out how to win. And we’re going to have to figure out how to fight back in every area,” Attorney Kaardal added.

“And here, what’s great, I think, is that these agreements show exactly what they’re doing. They’re using COVID as a pretext to fund the cities doing targeted voter turnout efforts. And it’s, what’s the phrase they use in the West. “This is illegal as hell.” You only need one [security] camera if you have one office, right? And here, the outside groups say “we need dozens and dozens and dozens of absentee dropboxes. Well, that makes the security a lot tougher,” Attorney Kaardal continued.

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Watch Attorney Points Out Shocking Increase Of “Indefinitely Confined” Voters below:


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