Arizona Audit Hit Piece: Leftist Journalists Create Unconfirmed and Sketchy Story About Terminated Auditor

The Daily Mail published a story that included allegations from anonymous women about an unidentified man who made unwanted sexual advances while they were counting ballots at the Arizona Audit. 

The Daily Mail then used these anonymous accusers to attack the audit and its procedures. Of course, sexual abuse accusations are always serious.   However, it appears that this was just another audit hit piece by the far left media.

One of the “sources” told The Daily Mail,  “The comments turned into unwanted touching and other physical advances.”  But the article didn’t go into detail about how far the physical contact went.

Randy Pullen told The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson that there was one guy who had a filthy mouth but he was terminated immediately. Police and Arizona Rangers were also armed and patrolling at all times. If a pervert was touching women, he would have been in handcuffs.

The allegations reportedly involved more than one person, but the lion’s share of the complaints centered on one man in particular, Arizona’s Family Investigates said. 

There was only one guy who had a filthy mouth according to audit officials.

He has not been named because no criminal charges have been brought against him.

No criminal charges? Then why are you charging him guilty on all accounts?

The women’s identities were also concealed to protect them.

That makes sense. Women typically go to the press when they are sexually harassed instead of the authorities, seems legit.

The women said they wrote letters and brought their complaints to upper management, which they said did nothing. The news station acquired the handwritten complaint letters, which were each a page or longer.

If you have the evidence, then release it and redact the names. It is that simple.

‘I have never received any written complaints of any type of sexual harassment, nor has a complaint like this been brought to my attention,’ the statement said.  The closest thing I can think of is I am aware of a single table manager who was cussing a lot, and had apparently told an inappropriate joke. We fired him immediately.’ 

We have the statement from the audit officials but the activist media still sides with the accusers despite the lack of evidence shown.

Sexual misconduct allegations are becoming the norm when they want to take someone down. Who would have thought they would try it to stop the audit?




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