Vienna: Two Afghan “Refugees” Drug, Rape and Strangle 13-Year-Old Girl

Two Afghan “refugees” drugged, raped and strangled a 13-year-old girl in Vienna, Austria on June 25, then left her body leaning against a tree on the median.

13-year-old Leonie voluntarily accompanied the two “refugees” to their taxpayer-funded apartment in Vienna-Donaustadt, according to the police, where the two criminals drugged her, abused her sexually and then strangled her to death.

The two predators were nabbed thanks to the watchfulness of neighbor Cal, who had observed drug-dealing and young women coming and going in the project apartment.

Since Saturday, when Leonie’s body was found on nearby Victor Kaplan Street, Cal observed a rolled-up carpet underneath the suspects’ window, and began to speculate the rug may have been used to transport the victim’s body, as Exxpress reports.

Sure enough, police then found evidence on the carpet. An hour later, the culprits were arrested.

Since they are “minors”, or at least claim to be, the culprits will presumably be free again in a few years, if they are convicted at all. A reporter for public broadcaster ORF has already termed the two ruthless killers “traumatized” at the police press conference.


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