Trump Was Right… Again – California to Spend $500 Million This Year to Thin 33 Million Acres of Forest to Help Prevent Raging Wildfires

Remember when President Trump said California’s wildfires had nothing to do with ‘climate change’ and everything to do with the state’s mismanagement of forests under Democrat leadership?

“I see again the forest fires are starting,” Trump said at a 2020 rally in Pennsylvania. “They’re starting again in California. I said, you gotta clean your floors, you gotta clean your forests — there are many, many years of leaves and broken trees and they’re like, like, so flammable, you touch them and it goes up in flames.”

“Maybe we’re just going to have to make them pay for it because they don’t listen to us,” he added.


Trump was right…AGAIN.

For at least 2 to 3 decades, California Democrats have refused to clean the forests and remove underbrush.

The Democrats don’t allow for dead plants and thick underbrush to be cleared out with controlled burns which is why the state suffers during fire season when Santa Ana winds can exceed 60 mph.

Because of failed Democrat policies, wildfires rage out of control in California every year and residents are hit with rolling blackouts.

The left-wing media outlets relentlessly attacked Trump’s claims as “science denial.”

Joe Biden even used this against Trump and called him a “climate arsonist” while he was out on the 2020 campaign trail.

But Trump was right all along.

The Daily Mail reported:

California is adopting former Donald Trump’s plan to thin out the state’s 33 million acres of forests with controlled burns and raking the woodland floor – after state officials essentially laughed off the former president’s idea a few years ago.

Trump had suggested in 2018 that the Golden State start sweeping its forest floors of debris that often aids in the spread of wildfires.

But by Aug. 2020, at the peak of the state’s wildfire season, his suggestion became an ultimatum when he withheld wildfire financial aid on the basis of California’s failure to clear its forests of dead trees, branches and leaves, Politico reported at the time.

Now, California is putting Trump’s plan into practice statewide as groups of 12-person crews set about a $500 million effort to thin the state’s forests with controlled burns and sweeping the forest floors of pines, redwoods and firs, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

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