Texas Announces Operation ‘OPEN LONESTAR’ to END Border Crisis In TX (VIDEO)

On Thursday afternoon, at the Emergency Border Security Summit in Del Rio, the message was clear: The Biden-Harris Administration has failed. We must secure our border.

Vernon Jones was also at the border this past week with Bernie Kerik.  

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the state’s plans to combat the out-of-control crisis by building its own border wall. 

I will announce next week, the plan for the state of Texas to begin building the border wall in the state of Texas. Change is needed. 

This is EPIC. The Great Republic of Texas is protecting America’s borders.

In addition to a border wall, the governor unveiled that the state will be deploying the National Guard to assist DPS to arrest those who enter our country illegally. 

The Department of Public Safety will work with local officials to arrest anyone who enters our state illegally and is found trespassing. 

The governor emphasized that the state does not plan to “catch and release.” Instead, state troopers will jail and prosecute those who cross the border illegally.

We don’t want just to arrest somebody, to have them released. We want to arrest somebody to have them prosecuted, to be put in jail, to stay in jail, and to create an environment where people will choose they don’t want to come across the border. 

These challenges are the direct result of the open border policies put in place by the Biden-Harris administration and have only been getting worse. This is a great first step towards restoring order on our southern border.  Kamala Harris won’t even visit the border.

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