Dr. Kelli Ward – The Democrats’ Deceptively Named “For The People Act” Is NOT “For the People”

The Arizona Republican Party and Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward released another amazing update on voting rights in America.

Democrats in the Senate are attempting to pass the “For the Incumbents Act” but luckily Republican senators have stood their ground so far.

Voting rights across America are in jeopardy due to this proposed federal overreach and theft of future elections.

Dr. Kelli Ward: Hello Arizona, it is time for the daily update from the Republican Party of Arizona. I’m your Chairwoman Dr Kelli ward.

Once again, Democrats are showing how their thirst for power is their main objective. Just recently, radical Democrats forced a procedural vote on a Senate Bill. The deceptively named – ‘For the People Act’.

This bill, which would be more aptly named the ‘For the Incumbents Act’ is nothing more than a federal power grab of election procedures across the country, but they will need to get 60 votes in the United States Senate in order to pass. Since, there should be no way, no way 10 Republicans vote for this Sham, it would ultimately require an override of the filibuster rule, which the Democrats have also been pushing for. Although they haven’t been able to destroy the filibuster, that does not stop radical liberal groups from running ads against those who haven’t yielded to their demands. These ads accuse them of supporting Jim Crow. How ridiculous. While Democrats call it the ‘For the People Act’, how do the people really feel about this attempt to eliminate election integrity at the state level?

A recent Monmouth poll has some interesting numbers. Interesting, 80% of the American people support requiring a photo ID in order to vote 91% of Republicans, 87% of Independents, and even, even 62% of Democrats support photo ID.

Maybe Democrats should spend more time listening to ‘We the People’, rather than trying to tell the people what to do.

It might just be too much to hope for.

We will continue to keep you updated on America’s audit, and on other important issues. And remember, here at the Republican Party of Arizona, it is always America first. I’ll see you next time.

This fraudulent elections bill is meant to secure power for the politicians, which was even admitted by a Democratic representative who sponsored the bill!

Stacey Abrams Texting Arizonans To Pass the S.1 Legislation that Gives Democrats More Ability to Cheat

We have reported on S1 and HR1 extensively – It will eliminate real elections for perpetuity:

Congressman Mo Brooks calls this the “Voter Fraud Enhancement Act”

The Democrats’ “Voter Fraud Enhancement Act” (HR1) Will “Nationalize Election Theft” – Rep. Mo Brooks

The great Chairwoman Kelli Ward is doing an outstanding job keeping Arizona and the world updated daily on the Arizona Audit and voting rights in America. She should be a model for Republicans across the country!

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