CNN Suffers “Catastrophic” Viewer Loss In May

CNN continues its downward spiral. 

CNN’s primetime audience dropped 45% compared to May of last year.

Breitbart reported:

Far-left CNN, a fake news outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and encourages violence against conservatives, lost nearly half of its already anemic primetime audience last month.

Compared to May of 2020, CNNLOL’s primetime audience collapsed by a whopping 45 percent. The loss was just as acute in total day viewers, 44 percent.

In the 25-54 age demo, when compared to last year, CNNLOL lost 53 percent of that crowd during its failed primetime lineup and 50 percent during the total day.

CNN also fell out of the top five among prime-time Cable Networks.

Fox News, MSNBC, TNT, ESPN, and HGTV all ranked higher.

 CNN has faced massive scandals over the last few months.

It was revealed that CNN Host Chris Cuomo was on several strategy calls with his brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

These calls were meant to help cover up the sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo.

He told his brother not to resign.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo participated in several strategy calls to help his brother NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo cover up his sexual harassment scandals.

The Washington Post reported that CNN admitted that Chris Cuomo engaged in “inappropriate” strategy meetings to help his embattled brother.

According to WaPo, Chris Cuomo joined several conference calls with Governor Cuomo and his aides as allegations of sexual harassment mounted.

Cuomo advised his brother to not resign and said the attacks were a symptom of “cancel culture.”

In video from Project Veritas CNN Technical Director, Charlie Chester admitted that CNN engaged in propaganda to remove Trump from office.

Chester also admitted that they made Biden look like a “young geriatric.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported: 

Project Veritas on Tuesday released undercover video of a CNN director admitting the network engaged in ‘propaganda’ to remove Trump from the presidency.

The CNN director also admitted the network made Biden look like a “young geriatric” with his aviator shades.

‘Our Focus Was to Get Trump Out of Office’ … ‘I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That,’ CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester said. “Look what we did! We got Trump out!”

CNN has since been sued by Project Veritas.

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