Central Illinois School Board Censors Parents for Speaking Out Against Sexualization of Children in Schools

On June 11th, a video was posted on Rumble by the Bongino Report.  It showed a furious Mom confronting a central Illinois school board on June 9th over the sexualization of children in schools.  This awesome Mom’s name is Becky.  Her husband, Andrew, is a US Marine and a furious Papa Bear (Thank you for your service!).  The video is only 1 minute 20 seconds long.  Why so short, you ask?  Because the school board cut her off.  Her words made them uncomfortable.  The video’s short length left everyone wondering what happened before and afterward.  TGP was fortunate to catch up with Becky for an interview.

This story began two weeks prior to June 9th.  Becky and several friends had attended the school board meeting that took place near the end of May.  Their concerns grew after the board’s bad behavior.  The Moms told the school board they would be back with their friends in support in two weeks.  Four angry Mama Bears prepared beforehand to confront the school board over unmasking, Critical Rac(ist) Theory, and the sexualization of children at the next meeting on June 9th.

The school board also came prepared. Becky shared, “…they brought their friends to represent their viewpoints, and they brought students.  A teacher at that district led the students in, and this is prior to the meeting. I just want to go as far to say as human shields between the board and the angry parents…”

She went on to say that there was at least 5 minutes of recording that led up to her viral video and only Becky was censored.  The board’s use of children as human shields, however, poked the angry Mama Bears with a disgusting display of cowardice.  Becky was having none of it.

Becky states that the Illinois legislature passed a Bill in the middle of the night on Memorial Day that requires schools to teach from the national sex education standard, and that it is comprehensive.  Becky’s husband Andrew shared: “…it means get ‘em young, young as you can.  Get ‘em started, let ‘em know all about sex…”, he said.  Even children as young as 5 within such a horrible comprehensive policy are not immune from it.  Children must pass the curriculum by 60 percent.

This policy is not merely an issue in Illinois.  This is a national issue. The book Becky shared during her remarks is the national standards book.  Becky and Andrew believe that this is a struggle between government and parents knowing what is best for their children.  In President Reagan’s 1964 speech “A Time For Choosing” he stated: “…whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives better than we can plan them ourselves.”  His words are even more true today given the circumstances Becky and parents nationwide are facing.


Why is the sexualization of children so important to the elites in Washington?  Why so young?

The elites on both sides believe that an 18-year-old can join the military and fight for our country but should not be allowed to drink alcohol and yet they believe that a 5-year-old can be sexualized.  This horrible policy is not comprehensive sex education, it is nationalized child abuse.  What is worse is this central Illinois school board used children as human shields to defend the abuse.  They censored Becky for speaking out against it.  The parents in this central Illinois district have had enough.  Parents like Andrew and Becky across the country are waking up and refusing to be bullied by a little elite in a far-distant school board.



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