White House Covid Coordinator: “CDC Guidance Will Allow Vaccinated People More and More Privileges to Take Off That Mask” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s White House Covid Coordinator Jeffrey Zients admitted the US government is creating a caste system wherein vaccinated individuals will have more freedoms and privileges than non-vaccinated people.

“I think everyone is tired and wearing a mask can be a pain but we’re gettin there,” Zientz said during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “The CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask.”

“15 days to slow the spread” has turned into: mandatory mask mandates and vaccine passports in order to ‘return to normal life.’


How will people know if others are vaccinated or not?

Immunaband company introduced new blue silicone wristbands that will carry your Covid vax card information. The company is hoping this will catch on and that Americans will rush to purchase their wristband to let others know you’ve been vaccinated.

These wristbands will do until the microchips are rolled out and made mandatory.

“ImmunaBand,” the blue silicone wristband, has a built-in QR code that will carry your Covid vax info and will let others know you are safe to be around – that’s according to the company that created the product.

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